Construction of the "The Zhubanovs aueni" House museum

Project designer: Region Stroi Proyekt LLP Design estimate documentation 11,3 mln. tg.

Location: Batys-2 residential area


Size of building   1 300 м2

Technological infracstructure includes: sound systems, grand pianos, pianos, bayans, dombras, kobyz, dauylpaz, syldyrmak, violins, furniture, a computer, a TV set, a cash register and etc.

Production and installation of the monument in size: length - 5m., width - 3m., height - 2m.

Connection of the utilities (electricity, gas supply, water supply) for 4 km and landscaping 0.5 ha.

The Design is being completed. According to budget calculations the cost of the following work is:

The cost of construction work of the building– 170.8 mln. tg.

Tge cost of equipment – 35.3 mln. tg.

The cost of monument production and installation – 22 mln. tg.

The cost of construction work of utilities – 42.7 mln. tg.

The cost of landscaping of the area – 24.7 mln. tg.

Totally: 295.5 mln. tg.


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