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The planned for September 28-29 celebrations are going to be great, and not only opening of the socially important facilities together with the meaningful cultural events, but also meetings with famous people of this region are expected to be the real presents for us. The head of the Department of Culture, Archive and Documentation MarzhanKorganbayeva talks about it in detail.

The republican Forum of native countrymen “Aktobe - kuttymeken” (including the participation of twenty guests from near and far abroad) is going to be held in the framework of the program “Rukhanizhangyru” on September 28-29, - MarzhanNagashbekovna tells. More than two hundred people who have accepted  the invitation are expected to come. Moreover we expect deputy akims from other regions who have desire to visit our celebration with the aim to learn out from our experience.

The festive opening of the celebration will be held in the new Academy of Art at 10 am, then the scientifically-practical conference called “Aktobe: yesterday-today-tomorrow” will begin at 2 pm in the Palace of Students of K. Zhubanov ARSU. During the conference the archival photos of old and new Aktobe will be exhibited in the hall of the Palace. After that there will be an tour excursion to social facilities of the region which have been built in the framework of Private Public Partnership (The Center of Art, the Hockey Module, Center of social adaptation for graduated of the “Meirim” orphanage, ophthalmological center, ambulance depot, the Zhubanovs house-museum and etc.). A great theatrical performance with the participation of more than several thousand people staged in KoblandyBatyr Central stadium will begin at 7pm. There are several directors who came from Almaty, Astana, Petropavl and each one has their own work load: one works on the chorographical segment, another one on theartistic background, the third one is responsible for the crowd scene and so on.  During the rehearsals each director had a particular helpers from the number of Aktobe actors (commissioner) who undoubtedly from metres how to organize the mass performances.

All the creative teams of the city including the private ones are involved here. The Aktobe natives Kuralai and MirasBekzhanovs, AllabergenZhaksybayev, NurbolatAbdullin, ZhanarAizhanova, DimashKudaibergenov and others will take part in the program. The admission to the stadium will be only in accordance with the invitation tickets.

The head of the Department also clarified that because of impossibility to place all the willing people at the stadium, the program will be shown on the led-screen:

- There will be an ethno-aul around the stadium with the participation of the application engineers from the city and the region, many of them represented the region during EXPO. The number of yurtas are being clarified by the architects.

The second of the anniversary celebration is filled with master-classes. Almost all the people are outstanding people in their field, it means they have something to learn from. Somebody will operate (for example, SerikAksholakov or ZhaksylykDoskaliev), somebody teach the arrangement of music (BolatNurkassymov), dancing (AbdrasulYessekeyev), construction, business dealing. The well-known Kazakhstani writer KazhigaliMukhanbetkaliev whose 75 anniversary has coincided with the 85 anniversary of the native region will meet with young laureates in the S. Baishev Library; there will be the exhibition of the pictures presented by Raul Mir Jaidar who will also be present at the jubilee and open the exhibition in the regional Museum of Art.

After opening the new Art Center will be engaged during both days of the anniversary celebration. Here will be the exhibition of small statuary by BakhitzhanAbishev and Marat Gabdrakhmanov and the exhibition of the modern Kazakhstani and Russian artists of “Zimniy sad”. We have photos of "The outstanding monuments of the architecture of Aktobe region” from SerikAzhigali’s collection, the exhibition of whom will be on in the framework of the project called “Rukhanizhangyru”; the location is being clarified.
By the way, let me add that after opening the Palace of Single Combat on the 28th of September the President NursultanNazarbayev Cup in Judo Tournament  exemplary performances in 8 kinds of sport will be hosted there. 

According to eastern tradition of hospitality, only a small part of comers needs a hotel, the rest of them prefer to stay at their relatives’ and friends’. Besides, many people will definitely visit their native region to meet their countrymen what means that the anniversary celebrations will expand beyond the region. The akim of the region BerdibekSaparbayev will gather all the people at dastarkhan in “Altyn Sarai”.

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Author: ТаtjanaVinogradova

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